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Most people are now aware that indoor air pollution is an issue of growing concern and increased visibility. Many companies are marketing products and services intended to improve the quality of your indoor air. You have probably seen an advertisement, received a coupon in the mail, or been approached directly by a company offering to clean your air ducts as a means of improving your home’s indoor air quality. These services typically — but not always — range in cost from $450 to $1,000 per heating and cooling system, depending on:
the services offered

  • the size of the system to be cleaned
  • system accessibility
  • climatic region
  • level of contamination

If you decide to have your heating and cooling system cleaned, it important to make sure the service provider agrees to clean all components of the system and is qualified to do so.

Deciding Whether or Not to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Knowledge about the potential benefits and possible problems of air duct cleaning is limited. Since conditions in every home are different, it is impossible to generalize about whether or not air duct cleaning in your home would be beneficial.

If no one in your household suffers from allergies or unexplained symptoms or illnesses and if, after a visual inspection of the inside of the ducts, you see no indication that your air ducts are contaminated with large deposits of dust or mold (no musty odor or visible mold growth), having your air ducts cleaned is probably unnecessary. It is normal for the return registers to get dusty as dust-laden air is pulled through the grate. This does not indicate that your air ducts are contaminated with heavy deposits of dust or debris; the registers can be easily vacuumed or removed and cleaned.

On the other hand, if family members are experiencing unusual or unexplained symptoms or illnesses that you think might be related to your home environment, you should discuss the situation with your doctor. EPA has published the following publications for guidance on identifying possible indoor air quality problems and ways to prevent or fix them.

  • Indoor Air Quality: An Introduction for Health Professionals
  • The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality

You should consider having the air ducts in your home cleaned if:

  • There is substantial visible mold growth inside hard surface (e.g., sheet metal) ducts or on other components of your heating and cooling system.
  • Ducts are infested with vermin, e.g. (rodents or insects)
  • Ducts are clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris and/or particles are actually released into the home from your supply registers.

How to Prevent Duct Contamination

Whether or not you decide to have the air ducts in your home cleaned, committing to a good preventive maintenance program is essential to minimize duct contamination.

To prevent dirt from entering the system:

  • Use the highest efficiency air filter recommended by the manufacturer of your heating and cooling system.
  • Change filters regularly.
  • If your filters become clogged, change them more frequently.
  • Be sure you do not have any missing filters and that air cannot bypass filters through gaps around the filter holder.
  • When having your heating and cooling system maintained or checked for other reasons, be sure to ask the service provider to clean cooling coils and drain pans.
  • During construction or renovation work that produces dust in your home, seal off supply and return registers and do not operate the heating and cooling system until after cleaning up the dust.
  • If your heating system includes in-duct humidification equipment, be sure to operate and maintain the humidifier strictly as recommended by the manufacturer.

Whether of not you decide to have the air ducts in your home cleaned, committing to a good preventive maintenance program is essential to minimize duct contamination.

To prevent ducts from becoming wet:

Moisture should not be present in ducts. Controlling moisture is the most effective way to prevent biological growth in air ducts.

Unresolved Issues of Duct Cleaning

Does duct cleaning prevent health problems?

The bottom line is: no one knows. There are examples of ducts that have become badly contaminated with a variety of materials that may pose risks to your health. The duct system can serve as a means to distribute these contaminants throughout a home. In these cases, duct cleaning may make sense. However, a light amount of household dust in your air ducts is normal. Duct cleaning is not considered to be a necessary part of yearly maintenance of your heating and cooling system, which consists of regular cleaning of drain pans and heating and cooling coils, regular filter changes and yearly inspections of heating equipment. Research continues in an effort to evaluate the potential benefits of air duct cleaning.

In the meantime

  • Educate yourself about duct cleaning by contacting some or all of the sources of information listed at the end of this publication and asking questions of potential service providers.

Are duct materials other than bare sheet metal ducts more likely to be contaminated with mold and other biological contaminants?

You may be familiar with air ducts that are constructed of sheet metal. However, many modern residential air duct systems are constructed of fiber glass duct board or sheet metal ducts that are lined on the inside with fiber glass duct liner. Since the early 1970’s, a significant increase in the use of flexible duct, which generally is internally lined with plastic or some other type of material, has occurred.

The use of insulated duct material has increased due:

  • to improved temperature control
  • energy conservation
  • reduced condensation

In the meantime

Experts do agree that moisture should not be present in ducts and if moisture and dirt are present, the potential exists for biological contaminants to grow and be distributed throughout the home. Controlling moisture is the most effective way to prevent biological growth in all types of air ducts.

  • Correct any water leaks or standing water.
  • Remove standing water under cooling coils of air handling units by making sure that drain pans slope toward the drain.
  • If humidifiers are used, they must be properly maintained.
  • Air handling units should be constructed so that maintenance personnel have easy, direct access to heat exchange components and drain pans for proper cleaning and maintenance.
  • Steam cleaning and other methods involving moisture should not be used on any kind of duct work.

Should chemical biocides be applied to the inside of air ducts?

Air duct cleaning service providers may tell you that they need to apply a chemical biocide to the inside of your ducts to kill bacteria (germs) and fungi (mold), and prevent future biological growth. Some duct cleaning service providers may propose to introduce ozone to kill biological contaminants. Ozone is a highly reactive gas that is regulated in the outside air as a lung irritant. However, there remains considerable controversy over the necessity and wisdom of introducing chemical biocides or ozone into the duct work.

No products are currently registered by EPA as biocides for use on fiberglass duct board or fiberglass lined ducts so it is important to determine if sections of your system contain these materials before permitting the application of any biocide.

In the meantime

Before allowing a service provider to use a chemical biocide in your duct work, the service provider should:

  • Demonstrate visible evidence of microbial growth in your duct work. Some service providers may attempt to convince you that your air ducts are contaminated by demonstrating that the microorganisms found in your home grow on a settling plate (i.e., petri dish). This is inappropriate. Some microorganisms are always present in the air, and some growth on a settling plate is normal. As noted earlier, only an expert can positively identify a substance as biological growth and lab analysis may be required for final confirmation. Other testing methods are not reliable.
  • Explain why biological growth cannot be removed by physical means, such as brushing, and further growth prevented by controlling moisture.
  • Show you the biocide label, which will describe its range of approved uses.
  • Always use the product strictly according to its label instructions.

Air Duct Cleaning FAQ

What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

Regular air duct cleaning improves indoor air quality, enhances HVAC efficiency, and reduces allergens and contaminants in your home.

How do I know if my air ducts need cleaning?

If you notice dust buildup, unusual odors, or increased allergy symptoms, it’s time to consider air duct cleaning. Also, if it’s been more than 3-5 years since your last cleaning, it’s a good idea to schedule a service.

What should I expect during an air duct cleaning service?

Our technicians will inspect your ducts, use specialized equipment to remove dust and debris, and ensure your system is thoroughly cleaned. The process typically takes a few hours, depending on the size of your home.

Are there any health benefits to cleaning my air ducts?

Yes, cleaning air ducts can reduce allergens, mold, and bacteria, improving overall indoor air quality and potentially alleviating allergy and asthma symptoms.

Can air duct cleaning reduce my energy bills?

Yes, clean air ducts allow your HVAC system to operate more efficiently, which can lower your energy consumption and reduce your utility bills.

How long does an air duct cleaning service take?

The duration depends on the size of your home and the complexity of your HVAC system. On average, a thorough cleaning takes 2-4 hours.

What methods do you use for air duct cleaning?

We use state-of-the-art equipment, including high-powered vacuums and specialized brushes, to ensure a deep and effective clean.

Can air duct cleaning help with allergies?

Yes, removing dust, pollen, and other allergens from your air ducts can significantly improve indoor air quality and reduce allergy symptoms.

Is it necessary to clean the air ducts in a newly constructed home?

Yes, construction debris, dust, and other materials often accumulate in air ducts during the building process. It’s advisable to clean them before moving in.

Do you offer any packages or discounts for multiple services?

Yes, we offer bundled service packages and seasonal discounts. Contact us for more details on current promotions.

Are your technicians certified and insured?

Absolutely. Our technicians are fully certified, insured, and trained to provide the highest quality service.

What safety measures do you take during the cleaning process?

We follow strict safety protocols, use protective gear, and ensure all work areas are left clean and hazard-free.

How can I schedule an appointment with Sweeppy?

By clicking the button below, you can schedule an appointment with Sweeppy. Click Here

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and online payments for your convenience.

What should I do if I have pets in the home during the cleaning service?

We recommend keeping pets in a separate, safe area to ensure they are not disturbed by the cleaning process.

Do you provide any guarantees or warranties for your services?

Yes, we stand by our work with a satisfaction guarantee and provide warranties on specific services. Contact us for more details.

Can you provide references or reviews from previous customers?

Absolutely. We have numerous positive reviews and can provide references upon request. Check out our testimonials on our website and social media pages.

How can I contact Sweeppy for more information or a quote?

For more information or to request a quote, call us at 210-981-4195, email us at [email protected], or fill out the form on our website. We’re here to help with all your cleaning needs.

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Nathan and his assistant were fast and efficient and friendly. They got the dryer vent all cleaned out before it caused any problems. He told me there is a newer vent that is recommended but didn't push it on me. Just informational for me. I love that and will fire sure be doing the upgrade with Sweeppy because of how he didn't try to continuously upcharge me.


Nathan was very helpful and responsive with my chimney needs. I can’t recommend him enough!

Joe Collins April 25, 2024

Expertly repaired and replaced my cracked chimney panels. They also did a good job cleaning my chimney prior the work they completed. Highly recommend.

Durand Gregory April 22, 2024

Contacted Sweeppy after checking out some reviews to clean dryer vents/ducts. Talked to Nathan to confirm that they serviced my area, which they did. Nathan scheduled an appointment, sent Dennis, Asaf, and one other young man. After checking my roof, I was told that they could not clean the duct through the roof vent as the existing vent was not a proper dryer vent. They left and contacted Nathan to discuss with me. Nathan confirmed that the existing roof vent was more for an attic gable fan and would need to be replaced. He would order the part and call me to reschedule. The appointment was set for today between 8am-10am, the same crew called to let me know they were on the way. Upon arrival, they removed the old vent, cleaned out duct, installed new and correct roof vent (after some adjustment cuts), tested for proper function. I even did a load of towels and drying them took half as long as before. All is good. Kudos to Nathan and his staff for their promptness, professionalism, and quality work. I will definitely use them in the future and possibly their carpet cleaning services. Thanks again Tony Baltazar Canyon Lake

Anthony Baltazar April 5, 2024

We used Sweeppy LLC yesterday. Our home was built 33 years ago and they did an excellent job without making any mess at all. They answered all my questions. And we are excited not to be concerned about a chimney problem for several years to come. We carefully chose them from a field of more than a dozen chimney sweeps. And at this point, we can highly recommend them. No over charges, no extra charges just the quoted charge over the phone.

Greg Schipper March 14, 2024

Lived here 30 years. Never had the chimney cleaned. Hadn't used in years. Animals ripped the siding off the chimney and it leaked when it rained. In 3 days, the chimney was cleaned, waterproofed, siding and trim replaced and painted. They hauled the old stuff away and swept for nails. Communication was great! Every text responded to. Questions answered. Very pleased. Sweeppy is the best!

Monica Burchfield March 11, 2024

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Debbie Garcia March 4, 2024

Nathan and team gave us suggestions and also listened to our needs and vision to come up with the most economical way to improve the function of our fireplace without spending a lot of money. We will definite use them again!!

pami Boozer January 28, 2024

Nathan responded to quote request within a few hrs and scheduled with me for the next morning… on a Sunday! He was on time, knowledgeable and helped me to confidently and safely use our gas fireplace for the first time since we moved in. Definitely recommend.

Wendy Graham January 22, 2024

Nathan & Company were great to work with. The issue with my mock gas fireplace was expertly diagnosed and repaired. After calling a few other companies, where I received no call backs…I was grateful to find Sweeppy. From first contact and during the process, Nathan is excellent at communicating. I found Nathan to be knowledgeable and kind. Honest and reasonable pricing as well. I highly recommend this company for your fireplace and chimney needs.

Saffron Jones January 19, 2024

Nathan and his team arrived on time. He quickly diagnosed the problem with our gas-ceramic log fireplace pilot and the burner, which were not staying lit. He fixed the problem, and the fireplace is working well just in time before the colder weather arrived. I strongly recommend them for your needs.

VPS Nathan January 14, 2024

I had been meaning to have my chimney inspected and cleaned since I moved into my new house 9 months ago, but kept putting it off. Yesterday I learned that a cold front is coming through soon, one that could cause power outages like in 2021. I quickly looked up chimney sweeps and my first call was to Sweeppy (admittedly, because I liked the name). I spoke to Nathan who explained the process, which was all new to me, gave me a quote, and he had a crew of three guys at my house in under 3 hours. They were all polite and efficient, performed the inspection, cleaned the fireplace and chimney, and left after telling me to expect Nathan to call, which he did a few minutes later. We went over the results of the inspection together and he made a few recommendations without at all being pushy or trying to make me get upgrades immediately. I noted that he was doing this after the crew left, and he explained he doesn’t want to turn his workers into salesmen and instead let them focus on their job, which I appreciated. He also accepted payment through Zelle, which was very helpful since this was short notice and I didn’t have many options on hand at the time. And, yes, the price itself was very reasonable for the service. Now I am more confident about using my fireplace for the first time, knowing it’s been checked out and cleaned. Thanks, guys!

Chanel Gamboa January 9, 2024

Great company and people! They helped and answered our questions even after the job was complete. They care about their customers. Great customer service!

Ashley Gregory January 6, 2024

Was so helpful with all my questions very informative of the process to have my chimney cleaned and inspected since it was the 1st time using in the new house.

Kayla Reyna December 26, 2023